Quality Assurance

At PINAK TEXPORT, we believe that QUALITY is a key factor to our business success. Quality Assurance commences with the understanding of each Customerís specific requirement, and back him up with identifying the appropriate Suppliers.
Based on this brief, we emphasize on selecting right Supplier. When we co-ordinate to satisfy your need for high quality supplies, we visit each Supplier and qualify the Quality of their Infrastructure, Production Processes, Inventory Control & Manufacturing Capabilities and their ability to maintain Timely Delivery Schedules.
Depending on their strengths, we help them promote their high quality products across geographies and Customer classes. The merchandisers at PINAK TEXPORT ensure that the Quality assured by the producer is in line with Customerís specifications, requirements and timelines.
To get a feel of our High Quality Control measures, do come and accompany our Testing Teams Ė their transparency will build your confidence in their capabilities to satisfy your standards and timelines.